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Find recycling location
Find Recycling location

Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery

Find out where to recycle beverage containers, electronic waste, and other recyclables.

General Information: 916-732-9253

find substance
Find Substance Use Disorder Services

Department of Health Care Services

Find Help with Substance Abuse / Alcohol and Drug Programs.

General Information: 916-322-7012

Find Where File Divorce
Find Where to File for Divorce

California Courts

Find where to file for divorce, which depend on several factors including but not limited to your co ...

General Information: 415-865-7796

find a state job
Find a CA State Job

Department of Human Resources

Find a Job with the State, look up job openings, find information about applying for State governmen ...

General Information: 866-844-8671

Find a Consumer Affairs License
Find a Consumer Affairs License

Department of Consumer Affairs

Look up a company or individual who has a license issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs

General Information: 800-952-5210

Find Refugee Services

Department of Social Services

Find information about services offered to refugees. You can find places to learn English, get jobs ...

General Information: 916-654-4356

Find UC Undocumented Student Resources
Find UC Undocumented Student Resources

University of California

Find resources for undocumented UC students.

General Information: 916-445-8752

find your school
Find Your Local School

California Department of Education

Find your local school with this California School Directory. The list includes public, private, and ...

General Information: 916-319-0800

Find a Citizenship Class
Find a Citizenship Class

California Department of Education

Find a citizenship class to learn about becoming a U.S. citizen with this the Directory of Adult Edu ...

General Information: 916-322-2175

Find Fair
Find a Fair

Department of Food & Agriculture

Find a local fair via the Department of Food and Agriculture website, which provides fair dates and ...

General Information: 916-654-0466